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Großes Haus 030
Großes Haus 030

Ruhrfestspielhaus Großes Haus

Public transport
Bus line 203, 223; Bus stop: Ruhrfestspielhaus
Bus line SB25, 214, 270; Bus stop: Arenbergstraße

The Ruhrfestspielhaus also houses the venues Kleines Haus and Box.
The Festival tent is also located in the Stadtgarten on the lawn behind the Ruhrfestspielhaus.

Wheelchair spaces are available in the venues in the Ruhrfestspielhaus and Festspielzelt. Information on this can be obtained from the ticket office. For wheelchair seats and accompanying tickets, please make your reservation at the ticket office.

Otto-Burrmeister-Allee 1
45657 Recklinghausen

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