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Der Theatermacher

by Thomas Bernhard

Director: Oliver Reese
Berlin Ensemble

The self-proclaimed state actor Bruscon tours the provinces to convince even the hindmost quarter of the world: theater is everything, everything is theater. He and his family have now arrived in Utzbach, population 280, in the dance hall of the local inn "Schwarzer Hirsch". Hostility towards art seems to prevail here: the children are untalented, the women are hysterical hypochondriacs, the air is too humid. The world resists art and especially Bruscon's supposed masterpiece, his comedy "The Wheel of History" that, according to him, contains all the comedies of world literature.

Thomas Bernhard's "The Theatermaker", first staged by Claus Peymann at the 1985 Salzburg Festival, is a search for meaning and hope in a meaningless and hopeless world. It is a love letter to the theater, but at the same time also a swan song full of anger, fear, pain, and loneliness. The play questions the role of art in a manner that is both tragical and comical.

Oliver Reese breathes new life into Thomas Bernhard's parable about art in a hostile world. Stefanie Reinsperger takes to the stage as the tragicomic, megalomaniacal, supposedly brilliant, misogynistic, and narcissistic state actor Bruscon. The production is a celebration of her unique acting skills.

With: Stefanie Reinsperger, Christine Schönfeld, Dana Herfurth, Adrian Grünewald, Wolfgang Michael, Valentin Butt, Peer Neumann, Natalie Plöger/Ralf Schwarz (Live-Music)
Director: Oliver Reese
Stage: Hansjörg Hartung
Costumes: Elina Schnizler
Composer: Jörg Gollasch
Lighting: Steffen Heinke
Dramaturgy: Johannes Nölting

Age: 12+

Photo: Matthias Horn

Duration: 2h 0m
no interval

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