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Late Night Hamlet

A solo performance by Charly Hübner

Director: Kieran Joel
Cooperation with the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg
World premiere

We live in troubled times. Crises, conflicts, and wars abound wherever you turn. A world order that was thought to be stable is being torn apart, familiar patterns of interpretation are called into question. Both today and in Hamlet's time, “something is rotten in the state.” Hamlet's father has been murdered and new allegiances are forged. Peace agreements are no longer valid: Denmark is once again at war with Norway. Amidst the unexpected death of his father and the reorganization of the known world order stands Hamlet, who finds it impossible to act in the face of the circumstances. He is stuck in his history, paralyzed by the expectations placed on him. He is asked to play roles that he never wanted to play. He does not know how to escape his role as son, prince, and avenging angel, how to carry out the mission he has been given. Faced with a world that is closing itself off, he plummets into moments of total powerlessness and paralysis, fear and grief – until he consciously goes mad.

At the center of this overwhelming universe stands the actor Charly Hübner, who poses fundamental dramatic questions: Who am I in the world? How can I contribute to solving the challenges we face today? What can and should an actor do with the theatrical means available to him? Is all the world a stage and are all the men and women merely players?

In his work, director Kieran Joel explores the relationship between theater and reality, fact and fiction, identity and (social) roles in a playful and humorous manner. He turns theater into a clever and truly entertaining treat. "Late Night Hamlet", a production of the Ruhrfestspiele in cooperation with the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, is a fast-paced play that takes a tragicomic look at Hamlet’s dilemma and important questions of our time. An ideal solo performance for Charly Hübner.

With: Charly Hübner

Direction: Kieran Joel
Stage and Costumes: Justus Saretz
Assistant Director: Juliane Berger
Light-Design: Annette ter Meulen
Sound-Design: Hans-Peter Gerriets
Music: Lars Wittershagen
Production: krass&krasser

Age: 14+

Photo: Peter Hartwig

Duration: 1h 15m
Running time: tba

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