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König Lear

by William Shakespeare

New translation by Miru Miroslava Svolikova
Director: Jan Bosse
Thalia Theater

By now, everyone’s fed up with the rule of old white men! Let the young ones have their say, preferably young women – that is what the old King Lear thinks. It is time to organize the estate, to arrange the fair distribution among his three daughters, and to retire from politics with dignity. Unfortunately, letting go of power is not quite so easy. When the declaration of love from his youngest and most beloved daughter is falling short of his expectations, Lear disinherits her without further ado. In the face of his dwindling authority, he is overcome by the urge to set fire to everything around him, relying on obvious hypocrites until he has nothing left. Old age? Panic? Delusions of grandeur? Incipient dementia? A helpless man clinging to his beloved crown? Apparently, this is a weakness that does not just affect Lear. Count Gloucester, his former confidant, is also backing the wrong child and is unable to exit gracefully.

Why is it so difficult to let go? Who is responsible for the legacy? And what conditions should be placed on those who follow? "Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise!" sums up the Fool, Lear's last companion on the stormy heath.

Director Jan Bosse is an experienced Shakespeare director. He was invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen with "Hamlet" and "Much Ado About Nothing". He staged "Twelfth Night" at the Thalia Theater, "Othello" at the Burgtheater, "Richard III" in Frankfurt and "Falstaff" in Cologne. Now he directs "King Lear" with a first-class ensemble led by actor Wolfram Koch in the titular role.

With: Wolfram Koch, Christiane von Poelnitz, Falk Rockstroh, Tilo Werner, Anna Blomeier, Marina Galic/Toini Ruhnke, Pauline Rénevier, Johannes Hegemann
Livemusic: Jonas Landerschier, Leo Schmidthals, Tilo Werner
Director: Jan Bosse
Stage: Stéphane Laimé
Costumes: Kathrin Plath
Dramaturgy: Christina Bellingen
Music: Jonas Landerschier

Age: 14+
Language notice: in German

Photo: Armin Smailovic

Duration: 2h 30m
no interval

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