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Lars Eidinger

reads "Die Hauspostille" by Bertolt Brecht

With music by Kurt Weill and others

"Die Hauspostille" is punk. Young Bertolt Brecht wrote the poems of this collection between 1916 and 1925, working on the fringes of society. His dark poetry feasts on the eerie beauty of the morbid - a role model for pop culture icons such as Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, and Tim Burton. The title is a parodic allusion to pious collections of sermons – which are turned inside out. In Brecht’s capable hands, the abysmal is dragged into the light and celebrated; his poetry is dark, wild, and morbid.

At this year’s Ruhrfestspiele, Lars Eidinger breathes new life into Brecht’s punk-poetry on the main stage. Eidinger is among Germany’s most prodigious actors. Whether he plays Hamlet, Richard III, or Jedermann, he casts a spell over the audience. He pours his lifeblood into his work, which becomes immediately palpable in this performance of Brecht’s poetry. Eidinger enacts present-day despair and the love that makes it bearable with precision and feeling. He reads, sings, and acts intensely, introspectively, and with a Brechtian aura. The actor is congenially accompanied by Hans-Jörn Brandenburg on harmonium and grand piano. Together, they take a walk on the wild side of Young Brecht and stage his poetry as a dazzling artistic spectacle.

Tip: "Anti Disco Party" with DJ Lars Eidinger on May 18, 10:00 pm.

Age: 14+
Photo: Ingo Petramer

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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