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Katharina Thalbach

reads "Gilgi – Eine von uns" by Irmgard Keun

Berlin Ensemble

Irmgard Keun’s humor and her extraordinary ability to translate life into literature have inspired audiences for generations. In 1931, her first novel "Gilgi - Eine von uns" made Keun famous overnight because of its completely unique style that mixed pop songs, typewriters, inner monologues, and delicate lyricism with precisely recorded colloquialisms, film, advertising posters and revue numbers. In her work, the author simultaneously created and satirized the modern woman of her time. She specialized in stories about young women in the Weimar Republic who find their very own path to emancipation in a world of paternalism and economic as well as emotional dependencies. Her protagonists are self-confident, quick-witted, grounded in reality, and hungry for life. Incensed by this portrayal of female independence, the Nazis banned Keun’s books in 1933 and decried her work as "asphalt literature."

Katharina Thalbach, the grande dame of German stages and screens, brings Keun's "Gilgi - Eine von uns" to life. As a master student of Helene Weigel, she has a long history with the Berliner Ensemble. Oliver Reese stages this very special reading, Jörg Gollasch arranges the musical accompaniment.

01 Thalbach Gilgi foto Moritz Haase
Photos: Moritz Haase | Foto: Foto: Moritz Haase
08 Thalbach Gilgi foto Moritz Haase
Photos: Moritz Haase
02 Thalbach Gilgi foto Moritz Haase
| Foto: Moritz Haase

With: Katharina Thalbach
Text version: Sibylle Baschung
Scenic set-up: Oliver Reese
Set design: Janina Kuhlmann
Music: Jörg Gollasch
Lighting: Steffen Heinke

Photo header: Moritz Haase

Duration: 1h 30m
no interval
Monday, 27. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €24 to €36.50
Tuesday, 28. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €24 to €36.50

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