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Hagen Rether


Like no other, Hagen Rether links the present with the forgotten. He questions, disputes, doubts, and thoroughly challenges central tenets of Western "civilization." He exposes so-called constraints as collective fictions, laying them open to ridicule. With surprising comparisons, he entices the audience to challenge their point of view - to take a different look at the world, the future, the mirror. And he calls on us to free ourselves from our instrumentalized fear and anger.

Rether's "Love" is tragic, funny, painful, and infectious: the constantly mutating program with causes lasting dissatisfaction with simple explanations and encourages us to think and act for ourselves. With painstaking perseverance, the comedian makes a passionate plea for enlightenment and empathy, against double standards and consumerist pettiness: change is possible - if we want it.

Photo: Dominic Reichenbach

Duration: 3h 0m
incl. interval

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