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Die Wut, die bleibt

Based on the novel by Mareike Fallwickl

Director: Jorinde Dröse
Schauspiel Hannover in co-production with the Salzburg Festival

Mareike Fallwickl's novel “The Rage that Remains asks how life can succeed in the midst of conflicting needs and demands. The story begins with an incomprehensible act: Helene, mother of three, gets up from dinner without a word and throws herself off the balcony. Her family is in shock. Sarah, her best friend, wants to help. She supports the grieving family and the completely overwhelmed father Johannes - just until everyone has solid ground under their feet again. Or so she thinks. But the months pass. Sarah's own life fades into the background and simmering feelings of anger bubble up to the surface. Lola, Helene's daughter, feels this anger even more strongly, though her rage is directed against the patriarchy itself. She blames the system for her mother's death and decides to declare war on the overpowering opponent.

It is not a single, shattering event that drives Mareike Fallwickl's protagonist to suicide, but the relentless daily grind: it is the sum of excessive demands, loneliness, social conditioning, the continual push beyond of one’s breaking point. Many mothers can relate to this situation. In a harrowing way, Fallwickl unravels modern femininity. She examines motherhood and the question of whether to have children, as well as the destructive demands of having to live up to society’s expectations. Yet she also considers a new generation of women that is ready to throw all these supposedly self-evident traditional patterns overboard and question what it means to be a woman today.

With: Johanna Bantzer, Sophie Casna, Fabian Dott, Nellie Fischer-Benson, Anja Herden, Max Landgrebe, Yasmin Mowafek, Hanh Mai Thi Tran
Director: Jorinde Dröse
Stage: Katja Haß
Costumes: Juliane Kalkowski
Music: Jörg Kleemann
Choreography: Suzan Demircan
Dramaturgy: Johanna Vater

Age: 14+

Photo: Kerstin Schomburg

Duration: 2h 10m
no interval
Saturday, 1. June Audience discussion with the director Jorinde Dröse after the performance
Ruhrfestspielhaus Großes Haus Tickets from €29 to €46.50

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