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Text and direction: Carly Wijs

Jo Mackie / Stichting WIJS Production
German premiere

"Boy" tells the story of the Reimer family. It begins in 1966 in the USA: twin brothers Brian and Bruce are brought to a hospital by their parents for circumcision when they are babies. But this simple surgical procedure goes horribly wrong for baby Bruce. After a desperate odyssey through every conceivable medical facility, the parents finally come across an expert who advises them to let their child grow up as a girl. All they need are hormones and clothes. Just like that, Bruce becomes Brenda. Brenda knows nothing about her past, but even at a young age she senses that something is wrong...

Belgian author and director Carly Wijs has adapted the true case of Brian and Brenda into a touching and shocking performance. Using the simplest of means, her two actors tell the story of a dramatic medical error and its consequences. The focus, in this theatrical setting, lies less on the medical problem and more on the question of finding one's own identity. "Boy" does not just deal with topics such as sex, gender, and social norms, but it intensively grapples with parental responsibility, the power of secrets, and family traumas that can seriously disrupt a young person's journey of self-discovery. The result is a captivating theatrical event mixing lightness and tragedy with humor, great warmth, and respect for the protagonists of this true story.

BOY c Stef Stessel boy 9
Photo: Stef Stessel
Stefstessel boy 6
Photo: Stef Stessel

With: Jeroen Van der Ven, Vanja Maria Godée
Text & direction: Carly Wijs
Stage & lighting: Stef Stessel
Sound & technology: Wim Bernaers
Technology: Peter Brughmans
Producer: Jo Mackie

"Boy" is a production by Jo Mackie / Stichting WIJS and was originally developed for Teateri in Sweden and co-produced by De Roovers in Antwerp, Belgium. The production toured with the support of Sabam for culture and the VandenEndefoundation.

Language notice: English with German surtitles
Age: 14+

Photos: Stef Stessel

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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