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Artist and audience talks

Once again, well-known artists and groups from all over the world will grace the Ruhrfestpiele with their presence and present their works on the festival stages. Beyond the performances, we offer you the unique opportunity to get to know some of them personally. The direct exchange after the performance has been a popular format in recent years.

This year, talks are planned with choreographers Silvia Gribaudi and Andreas Constantinou, actors Charly Hübner and Dimitrij Schaad, and the werkgruppe2 directing team, among others. There will also be audience discussions accompanying individual performances, which usually involve some of the artists.

Our popular audio introductions, which are created in collaboration with participating theaters and artists of selected productions, can be found by the start of the festival on ruhrfestspiele.de. The audio introductions contain a wealth of information on the play and the current production.

May 14 "Die Nacht von Sevilla": Audience discussion
May 17 "Hier spricht die Polizei": Audience discussion with werkgruppe2
May 18 "DIBBUK - zwischen (zwei) Welten": Audience discussion
May 21 "Mass Effect": Talk with Andreas Constantinou
May 25 "Late Night Hamlet": Talk with Charly Hübner
May 29 "Kaffee mit Zucker?": Audience discussion
May 30 "The Silence": Talk with Dimitrij Schaad
June 1 "Die Wut, die bleibt": Audience discussion with Jorinde Dröse
June 2 "Graces": Talk with Silvia Gribaudi
June 4 "La Codista": Talk with Marleen Scholten
June 5 "König Lear": Audience discussion

Further artists have been requested for audience discussions. All talks will take place after the respective performance in the respective venue. They begin about 15 minutes after the end of the performance and end after about 45 minutes.

Photo: Maria Koltschin