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Hier spricht die Polizei

by werkgruppe2

Co-production with Schauspiel Hannover and werkgruppe2
World premiere

The work of werkgruppe2 is dedicated to exposing the social realities of people who are confronted with prejudices in various ways. Their highly acclaimed and much-noticed work "Arbeiterinnen / Pracujace kobiety", which movingly portrayed the challenging lives of working-class women in the Ruhr region and Poland, was shown at the Ruhrfestspiele in 2021.

In their new project "This is the Police Speaking", werkgruppe2 takes a look at society's perception of the police as an institution. In this day and age, physical coercion can only be legitimately exercised by few people: first and foremost by police officers, who embody the state's monopoly on the use of force. To this end, the police can even encroach on the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens. It is therefore hardly surprising that police violence is a highly controversial topic that has recently been the subject of heated debates during operations such as the eviction of the occupied village of Lützerath. In the recent past, cases of police officers involved in right-wing networks have caused an uproar in the media. Nevertheless, police officers enjoy an extremely high level of trust in large parts of society.

As research for this project, werkgruppe2 collected the voices of police officers. With the help of the police union, they conducted numerous interviews with officers from Recklinghausen, the wider Ruhr area and Lower Saxony. The performance is composed of the original interviews and is developed with actors from the Schauspiel Hannover ensemble.

Supported by the state of Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxony Foundation.

Niedersächisches Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaften
Logo Stiftung Niedersachsen Vektorgrafik Konvertiert

With: Fabian Dott, Servan Durmaz, Anja Herden, Alrun Hofert, Sebastian Nakajew
Live-Music: Christian Decker, Dominik Decker, Uli Genenger
Director: Julia Roesler
Music direction: Insa Rudolph
Research & Text: Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler
Stage & Costumes: Lea Dietrich und Viva Schudt
Dramaturgy: Silke Merzhäuser, Lovis Fricke

Age: 14+

Photo: Silke Merzhäuser

Running time: tba

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