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DIBBUK - zwischen (zwei) Welten

A production of KULA Compagnie

Director: Robert Schuster
Co-production with the Ruhrfestspiele and dasvinzenz Munich
World premiere

The transnational KULA Compagnie’s latest production by is based on one of the most important works of Yiddish literature: the popular story of "Dibbuk", which the Russian-Jewish writer Salomon An-ski turned into a play in the 1920s. The play tells the story of a Jewish bride and groom whose marriage is prevented by the demon of a dead man ­­– the dybbuk – who enters the bride and takes possession of her. This Hasidic-Jewish love story draws on ancient Persian mysticism, it makes boundaries visible and blurs them at the same time.

The players place the story in a contemporary, interreligious context and use the dybbuk as a cipher for a foreign culture that inhabits their own bodies. The recent escalation of the conflict in the Middle East represents an immense challenge for the artists, but it also reinforces the desire to come together through art to foster an open dialogue and mutual understanding in a time of political tension. The KULA Compagnie relies on the transformative power of theater to bridge the seemingly insurmountable boundaries created by global political conflicts

The multilingual theater brings together artists from Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan. For safety reasons, it is not always possible for individual participants to travel to all countries in which the group performs. The critical examination of borders that attempt to separate people into seemingly incompatible groups is integral to the works of KULA Compagnie. In 2022, their work "The Fifth Wheel. A film from the Afghan underground" was shown in the Ruhrfestspiele's digital program.

Funded by

Ksb SW export
Bkm Web De

With: Mahbuba Barat (AF), Hadar Dimand (IL/PT), Céline Martin-Sisteron (FR), Tahera Rezaie (AF), Jonas Schlagowsky (DE), Peter Schorn (IT), Romaric Séguin (FR), Zineddine Smain (AZ), Robert Spitz (DE/IL), Slava Kushkov (DE)

Production: Robert Schuster (DE)
Stage & Costumes: Sascha Gross (DE)
Dramaturgy: Yotam Gotal (IL)
Sound: Max Bauer (DE)
Simon Vorgrimmmler: Video (DE)
Anfrew Arnold: 3D Design (DE)
Producer: Eric Nikodym (DE)
Botschafterin & Production: Khitam Hussein (DE/JO)
Production: Mareike Lehne (DE)

Age: 14+
Language notice: multilingual, with German surtitles

Photo: Menahem Kahana

Running time: tba

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