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Compagnie بلبل bolbol

In "OMÂ" (a combination of "Oma", the German word for grandma, and "Mâdarjun", the Persian affectionate term for grandmother on the father's side), the German-Iranian juggling artist Roxana Küwen Arsalan strikes up a dialogue with both of her grandmothers. They have never met in person, but now their granddaughter meets them for a circus teatime performance to tackle questions of privilege and the coincidence of heritage. Roxana Küwen Arsalan juggles balls, teapots, clichés, and languages. The personal is political in this multi-layered approach to her Iranian and East Frisian roots. This search is thought-provoking, touching, provocative, and deeply ironic as it debunks absurd attributions and stereotypes. A multitude of characters, atmospheres, and narrative threads develop from (foot) juggling, object manipulation, dance, and language.

The Compagnie بلبل bolbol was founded in 2020 by Roxana Küwen Arsalan especially for the creation of this performance.

OMA francis rodor 25 A3
Photo: Francis Rodor | Foto: Foto: Francis Rodor

With the kind support of the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture

Republique Francaise N
Institut francais SW

The production is selected and supported by Zirkus ON, the creative alliance for circus arts in and from Germany. The Ruhrfestspiele is an alliance partner of Zirkus ON.

By and with: Roxana Küwen Arsalan
Dramaturgy: Nele Cleo Liekenbrock
Stage and Lighting: Camellia Rashidi
Artistic support Studio PACT: Lucie Boulay

A coproduction by La Maison des Jonglages Scène conventionnée La Courneuve, Carré Magique Lannion - Pôle national cirque en Bretagne, La Grainerie - Pôle européen de production et Scène conventionné d'intérêt national en préfiguration Balma, La Verrerie d'Alès Pôle National Cirque Occitanie, Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon, Kreationsbündnis Zirkus ON

Residency programmes: Espace Périphérique La Villette Paris, Carré Magique Lannion
Accompanied by: Studio PACT

Age: 8+
Language: German and Persian

Photo Header: Hemo Drroide

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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