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Memoirs of Mud


Nature and artificiality - two supposed opposites - come together in "Memoirs of Mud" to create a playful, provocative, and adventurous circus show in which two performers explore nothing less than life in all its complexity. Relentlessly and with acrobatic virtuosity, they navigate through sterile living environments and muddy terrain. They balance on swinging trapezes, are stuck upside down in the mud, are covered in earth and dusted with glitter, they fight with antlers made of ginger, dance with vegetables, transform handbags into greenhouses and potatoes into crowns. In this bizarre universe, there are no limits to absurdity and playfulness.

Sisus is a circus company from Finland. For "Memoirs of Mud", co-founder Inka Pehkonen forms an ingenious acrobatic partnership with British handstand acrobat Imogen Huzel.

A production by Sisus Sirkus in co-production with Dynamo Workspace, Cirko - Centre for new circus with the support of The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cirkus Cirkör, Samuel Huber Foundaction, Linnanmäki Youth Circus, Helsinki City and TelepART

Performers and author: Imogen Huzel, Inka Pehkonen
Outside eyes: Santiago Ruis Albalate, Vejde Grind, Gaby Munoz
Lighting design: Kauri Klemelä
Music/ sound design: Timm Weber
Video: Karine Bravo
Costume design: Riikka Manni/ Wriic’s

Age rating: 12+
Language note: no language skills required

Photo header: Karine Bravo

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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