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Wes Peden

The exceptional juggler Wes Peden loves rollercoasters since he was a child. In "Rollercoaster", he embarks on an artistic search for traces of this passion and combines momentum and gravitational forces to create a fast-paced, challenging, and surprising show.
On stage, Wes Peden recreates the brightly colored atmosphere of an amusement park with his dazzling costume, set design, and an electro soundtrack made up of distorted roller coaster noises. He sometimes throws, sometimes catapults balls, rings, clubs, or plates for an authentic funfair experience. With ever more sophisticated loops and spirals, he takes his audience on a dizzying ride. The desire to go higher, faster, and further is interrupted time and again: Peden’s performance deliberately turns every "drop" – the juggler’s worst nightmare – into a playful and fun experience. As in any good fairground, he offers both freedom and safety, bated breath and redemptive laughter.

Born in the USA, Wes Peden studied at the Dance and Circus University of Stockholm until 2010 and has since toured the world with his highly complex and playful shows. He has won awards from the International Juggler's Association and the Paris Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He is regarded as one of the finest contemporary jugglers and has broken several world records.

Rollercoaster foto Fahimeh Hekmatandish 2
Photo: Fahimeh Hekmatandish | Foto: Foto Fahimeh Hekmatandish

A production by Wes Peden in collaboration with Gandini Juggling.

Direction & performance: Wes Peden
Music: Original music by Mika Forsling
Set design: inflatable structures by Félix Chameroy
Lighting Design: Vilhelm Montán Lindberg, Joel Johansson & Zoe Hunn
Lighting and sound operator: Florence Schroeder
Costumes: Maria Peterson
Outside eye: Viktor Gyllenberg and Florence Huet
Admin and tour booking: Gandini Juggling

Funded by: Stockholms Stad and Konstnärsnämndens, Sweden.
With the support of: Subtopia, Burt Out Punks and Cirkusflätan, Sweden.

Age: 8+
Language: no language skills required

Photo header: Fahimeh Hekmatandish

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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