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Zirkus FahrAwaY

Tutus and dying swans? Not in this show. And yet this circus performance for the young and old is based on a meticulous choreography – with pallet trucks and sledgehammers instead of pointe shoes.

In "Ballet", the seven artists of the Swiss circus FahrAwaY fuse artistry and craftsmanship: the background music for the show is just as homemade as the set and the choreography. Even the instruments are often crafted with their own hands. Countless Euro pallets form the centerpiece of this do-it-yourself circus. Sometimes they are used for parcour jumps, sometimes for roller skating slaloms, then piled up to dizzying heights before they suddenly fall to the ground like dominoes.

What started out as a summer vacation adventure in 2010 has long since developed into a young and dynamic circus company. With craftsmanship, passion and humor, Zirkus FahrAwaY initially toured Switzerland, but has moved on to travelling all across Europe with their own caravans as a traveling circus. Each new program is the result of living and working together on tour.

"Ballet" is a piece of unusual circus art: spectacular and absurd, daring and poetic, thought-provoking and funny, with thrilling and pulsating live music – all served with a good dash of humor. It is the perfect finale for the Ruhrfestspiele 2024!

Ausklang auf dem Grünen Hügel on 8 June: An overview of the complete programme for the closing of the Ruhrfestspiele can be found here.

With: Nina Wey, Donath Weyeneth, Solvejg Weyeneth, Valentin Steinemann, Liza van Brakel, Luca Lombardi, Lukas Keller
Technician: Jonas Schaller
Outside-Eye: Tobias Schaller, Patrick Oes
Costumes: Franziska Born, Sandra Frank
Graphic: Nina Gautier, Clarice Panadés

Age: 6+
Language: no language skills required

Photo header: Tilman Pfäfflin

Duration: 1h 20m
no interval
Thursday, 6. June
Stadtgarten an der Dorstener Straße Tickets €11
Friday, 7. June
Stadtgarten an der Dorstener Straße Tickets €11
Saturday, 8. June
Stadtgarten an der Dorstener Straße Tickets €11

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