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Guru Dudu: Silent Disco Walking Tour

Disco walking tour through public spaces

It is impossible to imagine the Ruhrfestspiele without the colorful Australian Guru Dudu and his "Silent Disco Walking Tour." With his charm and captivating manner, this modern-day pied piper transports his audience into the world of exuberant dance. Equipped with Bluetooth headphones, we conquer the city center of Recklinghausen and, at the end of the Ruhrfestspiele on June 8, the Green Hill. You can expect funky disco classics from the 1970s to 2000s, wild flash mob animations, and lots of compliments for your personal dance style. Watch your inhibitions melt away like ice in the sunshine and become part of this fun dance revolution! A good mood is guaranteed.

The tours on June 6 and 7 start and end at the Drübbelken pub (Münsterstr. 5, 45657 Recklinghausen). The tours on June 8 start and end at the Ruhrfestspielhaus.

Age: 6+
Language information: The dance animation is in English, but participation is possible without knowledge of English.

Photo: Nina Wichard

Duration: 0h 50m
no interval

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