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A co-production of URBANATIX with theaterkohlenpott & Stadt Herne / Flottmann-Hallen in cooperation with Schauspielhaus Bochum and Ruhrfestspiele

Originally developed for the Capital of Culture RUHR.2010, Urbanatix has become one of the creative fixtures of the region. Every year, they produce new shows of urban movement art. With a dynamic crossover of street dance, artistry, parkour, and other urban sports, they regularly cause a sensation, bringing professional artists and young talents together on stage. With "Essence", Urbanatix now moves into the theater and creates a big spectacle without losing its essentials. The ensemble of ten multi-talented performers – originating in the street and art scene, acting, and music – explore the essential questions of life.

A dystopian future setting, somewhere at the end of the world. The weather is unpredictable, but always extreme. Eight people live here, completely self-sufficient in an artificial atmosphere and try to function as a group. They have no contact with the rest of the world. They have come to terms with their life in seclusion until one day, two traveling salesmen arrive. Now they can contact the outside world, but does the world want to talk to them?

For "Essence", Urbanatix initiator Christian Eggert has once again teamed up with Kohlenpott director Frank Hörner. Together, they were nominated for the FAUST theater award in 2022 for their collaboration "Trial & Error".

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Photo: Heinricht Holtgreve
Urbanatix essence c Young Soo 2
Photo: Young Soo

URBANATIX: ESSENCE is a project of Neue Künste Ruhr and is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ensemble: Alonso Gonzalez Barria, Fenja Barteldres, Dergin "Stix" Tokmak, Oskar Skrypko, Laya Mauelshagen, Gareth Charles, Paul Davis Newgate, Joanna Mae Escobar, Felix Küpper, Carlotta Ribbe
Director: Frank Hörner und Christian Eggert
Artistic Director: Christian Eggert
Dramaturgy: Henner Kallmeyer, Frank Hörner
Musical direction: Sebastian Maier
Choreografy: Natalia Nowakowski
Artistik Coach: Rémi Martin
Stage design: Sascha Hinz
Set & costume: Natalia Nordheimer
Technical management / light: Andreas Jüngermann
Sound: Philipp Wistinghausen
Project organisation: Sebastian Gies
Stage construction: Rainer Nilius
Assistant director: Lynn Dokoohaki
Internship: Paul Knust, Helena Sohn, Julian Bittner, Hendrik Plümacher

Age: 6+
Language: in German

Photo header: Young Soo

Duration: 1h 30m
Thursday, 9. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €25.50 to €29.50
Friday, 10. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €25.50 to €29.50
Saturday, 11. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €25.50 to €29.50

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