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Finale Festival Fete

After a lavish and multifarious festival season, it's time for a festive finale: on the evening of June 8, on our final day, you are cordially invited to our popular headphone party. The principle is simple but ingenious: two exclusive DJ sets and an interactive jukebox channel offer a wide range of dance tunes to choose from. Unbothered by genre boundaries, everyone can celebrate together. One person can belt out "Bohemian Rhapsody" while the other shakes it off to Taylor Swift. The entertainment does not stop when you take your headphones off for a moment to guess from outside who is listening to which song. In fair weather conditions, the dance floor extends from the foyer all the way to the outdoor spaces in front of the Festspielhaus. What better way to end the current season than on a balmy summer's night, building up anticipation for the next season? Come to the Ruhrfestspiele 2024 one last time and celebrate with us!

A cash deposit of 20 € is required to borrow the headphones.

„Ausklang auf dem Grünen Hügel“ on June 8: An overview of the complete programme at the end of the Ruhrfestspiele can be found here.