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Ausklang auf dem Grünen Hügel

A day to close Ruhrfestspiele

Just like last year, we want to celebrate the end of the festival season with you on the Green Hill. All day long on June 8, we cordially invite you to discover a varied and colorful outdoor program around the Ruhrfestspielhaus. Note: Further program items are being planned. The complete program, details on prices and the exact times of the events can be found at ruhrfestspiele.de and on the Ruhrfestspiele's social media channels.

Krabbelkonzert Natur
0-3 years
At this concert, the young listeners are at the center of the action and are free to move, dance, sing, sit, lie, or crawl.

Guru Dudu: Happy Yoga
6+ years
This time we start the day with a round of happy yoga with the guru Dudu.

by Post uit Hessdalen
5+ years
Experience an artistic, fast-paced dialogue between juggling and drums in the back of a parcel delivery van. "PAKMAN" shows "what theater can do so well: entertain in an exciting way and create empathy at the same time." (The Guardian)

by Luuk Brantjes
5+ years
An encouraging homage to being alone and the inventive playfulness that can arise from it. Luuk Brantjes explores the possibilities of the spinning board, on which solo artistry does not normally work...Or does it?

by Zirkus FahrAwaY
6+ years
This do-it-yourself circus brings 50 pallets and sledgehammers instead of pointe shoes and tutus. The Swiss company combines breathtaking artistry, self-made instruments, and craftsmanship to create an unforgettable circus act.

Das Brandzeichen des Astronomischen Pferdes: Eine Show von echten Männern
by Rumpel Pumpel Theater
6+ years
POP! PUFF! BANG! This is a unique show of superlatives! Immerse yourself in the leathery and petroleum-scented world of the Wild West.

MOON: The Scale / The Table & the Chairs
6+ years
The two acrobatic works are part of the "Moon" Gesamtkunstwerk by Compagnie Barks, which is dedicated to playing with gravity. A fast-paced choreography of imbalance and weightlessness unfolds on an installation consisting of a table and several chairs as well as a seesaw that functions as a counterweight.

With the kind support of the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture

Republique Francaise N
Institut francais SW

Silent Disco Walking Tour
by Guru Dudu
6+ years
The silent disco walking tour through Recklinghausen’s Stadtgarten with colorful Guru Dudu is back by popular demand! Watch your inhibitions melt away like ice in the sunshine.

Im Bachzustand
by Katja Zakotnik
What could be more relaxing than listening to classical music – especially when the audience can stretch their feet and close their eyes outside on the lawn instead of sitting in a concert hall?

Finale Festival Fete
To close this year’s festival with a bang, we want to celebrate with you! Expect a wild headphone party with 2 DJs and an interactive jukebox that unites various musical preferences in one unforgettable party.

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Photos Header: Parkbild Nina Wichard, Lone Manon Verplancke, Rumpel Pumpel Theater Peter van Heesen, Im Bachzustand Tilman Pfäfflin

Saturday, 8. June
Ruhrfestspielhaus, Stadtgarten

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