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Liebe Grüße ... oder Wohin das Leben fällt

by Theo Fransz

translated from the Dutch by Andrea Kluitmann
Director: Riccarda Russo
Junges SchauSpielHaus Hamburg

Anna is ten years old and doesn't understand why her father Juri is so over-present in her lifeand has to tell her every day how much he loves her. He has told her little about his own past and childhood - and especially nothing about his eternally absent mother. When Grandpa Georg starts to get more and more confused and forgetful, his move to a nursing home is imminent. Anna and her father try to bring order to Grandpa Georg's chaos. During visits to the apartment where Juri grew up, magical events begin to unfold for Anna: Who is the ten-year-old boy who claims to have been the first person in space? Who is his mother, who says she has traveled to every major city in the world? Theo Fransz's play, which won the German Children's Theater Prize in 2020, explores an encounter between three generations. Family secrets are revealed as the past, present, and future magically intertwine.

With: Jara Bihler, Hermann Book, Severin Mauchle, In the video: Alicja Rosinski
Director: Riccarda Russo
Stage and costume: Karolina Wyderka
Music: Matthias Schubert
Lighting: Jonathan Biendarra
Sound and video: Benjamin Owusu-Sekyere
Choreographic consulting: Yasmin Calvert

Age: 8 to 12 years
Language: German

Photo: Maris Eufinger

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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