Hauptinhalt zeigen


by Laika and Merel Denie

What is air? Two little creatures on stage try to find out the answer to this question: they breathe, whistle, and fart. They try to catch the air, hold on to it, guard it like the apple of their eye. Until they ultimately become dependent on it and each of the creatures claims it for themselves. But who owns air and how can they keep it? After all, air is ... air. In this production, director Merel Denie ponders how we assign a value to everything in the world, even things we cannot touch. And this leads to conflict. The result is fantastic physical theater: an almost empty room that, like a magic box, is full of surprises. Dialogues without words tell a wondrously surreal story. And two plainly dressed bodies on stage create funny moments with their gestures and movements. This theatrical experience for the young and the old should not be missed.

Concept & Director: Merel Denie
With: Gytha Parmentier, Arend Pinoy
Music: Kaspar Schellingerhout
Stage: Peter De Bie, Manuela Lauwers
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Lighting design: Rik Van Gysegem
Sound: Tom Van den Brande
Production: Robin Angst, Pieter Smet
Coaching: Michai Geyzen, Jo Roets

Age: 6 to 8 years
Language: no language skills required

Foto: Kathleen Michiels

Duration: 0h 50m
no interval

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