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Holy Noon

MAIKA, the band headed by singer Maika Küster, is touring with "Holy Noon" this year. At the Ruhrfestspiele, they will enchant their audience with new songs featuring their well-known melancholic, dreamy sound. Their catchy yet sophisticated songs tell tales of evanescence and death, lust and sensuality. Whether it is a ballad or a rock song, their sound is always intuitive and effortless. MAIKA create narrative arcs: intense crescendos are followed by moments of relief that allow for a deep breath. From the first captivating notes, MAIKA’s music draws us into a world of magical realities that can fortify us against humanity’s dark side and the transience of life.

Supported by Sparkasse Vest.

Foto: Taya Chernyshova

Duration: 1h 30m
no interval

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