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Das schönste Mädchen der Welt

Based on the film of the same name by Aron Lehmann

Adaptation: Karsten Dahlem
Screenplay: Lars Kraume, Judy Horney, Aron Lehmann
Music and lyrics: Konstantin Scherer, Robin Haefs, Wim Treuner, Benedikt Ruchay, Max Benrath, Ilja Rubinov et al.
Director: Frank Panhans
GRIPS Theater

Roxy has been expelled from her old school. In her new class, she is the biggest topic of conversation because she turns everyone's heads with her self-confident manner. Even the sensitive outsider Cyril, who is bullied because of his big nose, is attracted to her. Roxy, however, only shows interest in the attractive Rick, who is struggling with his own insecurities. Meanwhile, class macho Benno is also trying to make a pass at the new girl. When they go on a school trip to Berlin, Cyril wants to prevent Roxy from falling for the conceited show-off. When feelings develop between Roxy and Rick, Cyril teams up with Rick and helps him find the right words. As a gifted rapper, he regularly performs at rap battles, hidden behind a golden mask. In Rick’s shadow, Cyril woos Roxy with his sensitivity and wit – thereby secretly expressing his own feelings for her. Will Cyril learn to be true to himself in time to capture Roxy’s heart?

“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" was a box office hit as a movie, with its title song "Immer wenn wir uns sehn" in the German charts for weeks. The GRIPS Theater version is an ingenious rewriting of the theater classic "Cyrano de Bergerac". The lyrical verses of the 19th century are replaced by a thrilling hip-hop sound with a live DJ. In this way, the renowned children's and youth theater from Berlin creates a highlight for all generations.

Performance rights held by Felix Bloch Erben GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin. With the kind permission of TOBIS Film GmbH and Budde Music Germany.

Cyril: Marcel Herrnsdorf
Roxy, Yung Sophie: Helena Charlotte Sigal
Rick, K-Dog: Matondo Castlo
Titti, Dodo Chanel: Lisa Klabunde
Shirin, Chica44: Yana Ermilova
Cem, Granit: Daniel Pohlen
Benno, Sunflash: Marius Lamprecht
Mama, Frau Reimann, Moderatorin: Regine Seidler
Papa, Herr Schüssler, Moderator: René Schubert
Musician, DJ: Kaye Kayani
Musician, DJ: Erik Veenstra

Direction: Frank Panhans
Stage & Costumes: Jan A. Schroeder
Choreography: Nadja Raszewski
Video: Natascha Zander
Music (Stage): Kaye Kayani
Composition & Lyrics: Robin Haefs, Konstantin Scherer
Rap Coaching: Robin Haefs
Music dramaturgy: Thomas Keller
Dramaturgy: Tobias Diekmann
Theatre pedagogy: Wiebke Hagemeier

Age: 13+

Photo: David Baltzer

Duration: 2h 30m
incl. interval

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