Hauptinhalt zeigen

Jetzt wirklich?!

by Franz-Joseph Dieken

Oh my God! This is my whole life ahead of me. And it has already begun. Decisions lead to consequences. Are these choices really mine? Or is there no alternative because social norms dictate my path? And is this path obvious because it already exists? But no, there is a choice between the green, yellow, red, or blue variation. It's all individual. All cool.

What if a single decision turns everything on its head? What if predetermined paths become our own, something that no one has foreseen because it originates within ourselves? If only we dare to take the step into a different community of independent, equal, curious, outspoken, steadfast, funny people who explore and appreciate life. What if one move is the decisive one that leads to many others? Fortune favors the brave. This is what this play is all about: young people navigating through the choppy waters of life to discover their own path.

A cooperation with bz Bildungszentrum des Handels GmbH, supported by the Agentur für Arbeit Recklinghausen.

Bz Bildungszentrum des Handels g Gmb H

Age: 12+

Photo: Sarah Göckener

Duration: 1h 0m
no interval

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