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Jack & Jill - Patterns of Love and Laughter

A crossover performance by Flautando Köln, Albrecht Maurer, and Heikko Deutschmann

In "Jack & Jill", the renowned recorder quartet Flautando Köln, composer Albrecht Maurer, and actor Heikko Deutschmann explore the patterns of human relationships through music and poetry. What they discover is sometimes revealing, often funny - and mostly true. At the beginning of the 1970s, the British psychiatrist Ronald D. Laing dissected relationship structures in an inimitable way, recording them and breaking them down into simple patterns. He allows us to recognize these patterns by making poetry out of them. What could be better suited to Laing's texts than music that weaves the smallest motifs into a continuum: minimal music. Words and music are equal means of expression in this production, they comment on each other, overlap, create trains of thought, and continue each other’s ideas. This way, music begins to speak and poetry begins to sing.

Flautando Köln (Susanna Borsch, Susanne Hochscheid, Ursula Thelen, Kerstin de Witt)
Albrecht Maurer
Heikko Deutschmann

Language note: Texts in German

Duration: 1h 15m
no interval
Saturday, 4. May
Theater Marl Tickets from €24 to €36.50

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