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A dance project in retirement homes and nursing homes

by Sauf le dimanche
German premiere

A seemingly regular morning begins with the surprise appearance of two dancers – in the corridors, in the dining room, in the common rooms. You hear music, you watch the dancers, you join in yourself. Dance can be experienced in many different ways. As a privileged spectator in your own room, with physical intimacy; in a practical workshop in a group that is designed so that everyone can join, regardless of their mobility level; as an enjoyable escape from everyday life. Dance, beauty, and lightness emanate from the house. Pain, the fear of losing your balance, it all disappears in the movements.

Together with the French dance company Sauf le dimanche, Ruhrfestspiele leaves the theater. Sauf le dimanche are experts in everyday performances. They perform in a wide variety of spaces: in classrooms, public squares, apartments, libraries, and museums. They observe these spaces and draw inspiration from them. This time around, they visit residents and staff in retirement homes and nursing homes to promote dance in all its forms, close to the people.

Note: Please note that regular bookings are not possible for this project.

With the kind support of the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture

Republique Francaise N
Institut francais SW

Photo header: Marielle Rossignol

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