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Terézia Mora

In conversation with Denis Scheck

Terézia Mora was born in Sopron, Hungary, in 1971 and has lived in Berlin since 1990. She is one of the most original and fearless voices in German literature. She received the German Book Prize in 2013 for her novel "Das Ungeheuer". Her literary debut, the short story collection "Seltsame Materie", was awarded the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. She was awarded the Georg Büchner Prize for her complete works in 2018. Terézia Mora is also one of the most renowned translators of Hungarian literature.

Her new, acclaimed novel "Muna oder Die Hälfte des Lebens" was shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2023. In this novel, Mora is ahead of her time and at the height of her artistic power. Muna loves Magnus, but it is hard to say whether Magnus loves her – or anyone else, for that matter. First cracks appear in their relationship. Coldness, unpredictability, and violence increase. What happens to a life that is entirely dependent on somebody else? Mora tells a harrowing, important story that is as upsetting as it is disturbing – and which nonetheless creates a tremendous pull that makes it hard to put it down. At this year’s Ruhrfestspiele, Terézia Mora will be the guest of literary critic Denis Scheck.

Photo: Antje Berghäuser

Duration: 1h 30m
no interval

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