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Wer warst du E final quer B Gasse Baum Foto Bettina Kollecker und Büro für Eskapismus
Wer warst du E final quer B Gasse Baum Foto Bettina Kollecker und Büro für Eskapismus

Wer warst du, E.?

An Expedition into the Past of Recklinghausen

Co-production with the Büro für Eskapismus

You are in a familiar city. You are in Recklinghausen. There is the bakery where you buy your bread every day. The intersection you cross on your way to school or work. But today you don't follow your usual routines. You look at these places differently. About 90 years ago, during the time of National Socialism in Germany, these places also existed, people went about their daily business. But the circumstances were different. It was a time of persecution and systematic murders, of adaptation and support for the Nazi party. A time in which an overwhelming majority did not intervene to prevent crimes against humanity.
Who were the people who walked in your footsteps back then?

How did they live, what did they do - and what did they fail to do? With the audio walk "Who Were You, E.?," you will set out on the trail of these people's stories and question the past. But their stories are incomplete. To get closer to them, you have to take different paths and make new decisions on your journey.
The Hanoverian theater collective Büro für Eskapismus stands for special theater experiences that mix theater with game elements otherwise known from escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or puzzle games. It makes use of these forms to explore diverse ways of political education. In its works, visitors explore the tension between familiar surroundings and a new experience of reality.

Artistic direction: Büro für Eskapismus (Miriam Wendschoff, David Bakke, Katharina Laage)
Text: Miriam Wendschoff
Dramaturgy: Katharina Laage
Media: David Bakke
Medation: Bettina Kollecker, Andreas Nowak, Miriam Wendschoff, David Bakke
Sound- and Musicdesign: Louisa Beck
Production management: Olivia Hotz
Production Assistance: Bettina Kollecker
Historical consultation: Andreas Nowak, Gerd Kuhlke

Age rating: 15+

Note: Please note that you will need an internet- and app-enabled smartphone, as well as headphones. There are also limited playback devices available to borrow on site.

Photo: Bettina Kollecker & Büro für Eskapismus

Supported by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Duration: 1h 0m
no intermission