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Die Ärztin 20220926 191925 Foto Kerstin Schomburg Die Ärztin 20220926 191925 Foto Kerstin Schomburg
Die Ärztin 20220926 191925 Foto Kerstin Schomburg

Die Ärztin

by Robert Icke

Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler's "Professor Bernhardi"
Directed by Stefan Pucher

Schauspiel Hannover

An underage patient is dying after a clandestine abortion attempt. The Catholic priest who wants to give her the last rites is denied access. During the ensuing argument, the girl dies without medical or religious assistance - an incident that escalates into a social, political, and racist scandal. This is the explosive plot that the Viennese doctor and author Arthur Schnitzler described in his play "Professor Bernhardi" at the beginning of the previous century. British author and director Robert Icke has turned this story into a gripping, contemporary moral thriller.

His Professor Bernhardi is the renowned Jewish doctor Ruth Wolff. Her rigorous stance against the Catholic priest triggers anti-Semitic reactions. At the same time, the priest is a black man who feels discriminated against by the doctor. The parents of the deceased girl are influential sponsors, with connections in politics. The future of the entire clinic is threatened. In the eye of a social media "shit storm" is Ruth, who does not want to play the game of ritual repentance.
"The Doctor" was a hit with audiences at Schauspiel Hannover. Directed by Stefan Pucher, the play sharply examines how personal beliefs can affect human action. It draws the audience deep into a complex discussion of contemporary identity politics.

With: Johanna Bantzer, Nikolai Gemel, Christine Grant, Lukas Holzhausen, Wolf List, Miriam Maertens, Nicolas Matthews, Viktoria Miknevich, Hajo Tuschy; Live Camera: Ute Schall, Hannes Francke
Direction: Stefan Pucher
Stage Design: Stéphane Laimé
Costume Design: Annabelle Witt
Music: Christopher Uhe
Video: Hannes Francke, Ute Schall
Dramaturgy: John von Düffel

Age: 14+

Photo: Kerstin Schomburg

Duration: 2h 30m
incl. intermission