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Wanderkino Wanderkino


With Tobias Rank and Sebastian Pank

The “Wanderkino” is a mobile cinema that shows silent movies from the pioneering days of film with authentic 16mm projection technology. The screenings start in a cozy atmosphere after dark and are accompanied by live music. A vintage fire truck, containing all the cinema, sound, and lighting equipment, transforms the Kirchplatz at the heart of Recklinghausen into a unique open-air cinema. Immerse yourself in a refreshing display of classic cinema with silent film greats like Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Buster Keaton!
The Leipzig-based "Wanderkino,” which is one of a kind, has been on the road since 1999. In addition to extensive travels through Germany, it has already been invited to cities all over Europe.

Movie programme:

8.6.2002, 21:45 Uhr:
Das Affengeschäft - Our Gang / 1926
In der Tiefe - Ferdinand Zecca / 1907
Der Abenteurer - Charlie Chaplin / 1917
Nur nicht schwach werden - Harold Lloyd / 1921

9.6.2022, 21:45 Uhr:
Easy Street - Charlie Chaplin / 1917
Paris schläft - René Clair / 1923
One Week - Buster Keaton / 1920

With: Tobias Rank (piano), Sebastian Pank (saxophone and bass clarinet).

Start after dark.

Free admission

This is an outdoor event, so masks are not required. We still recommend wearing a medical mouth-nose protection and keeping your distance.

Photo: travelling cinema

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