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Neuer Zirkus, kurze Stücke

Discover the contemporary circus of tomorrow!

In this category, Ruhrfestspiele present two short works by young artists on one evening. Discover the contemporary circus of tomorrow!

Lost Instars
The Optimists, Germany

The humor is darker than the gloomy soundscapes, the imagery psychedelic, the juggling experimental: in "Lost Instars", circus performer Matthias Buhrow immerses himself in a surrealist world located somewhere between sci-fi-scape, scurrying forest floor, and mysterious invertebrate. In this unexplored habitat, strange organisms clash, parasites and hosts struggle to survive, and it is uncertain what metamorphoses await the titular larvae.

The roots of The Optimists lie in the combination of new, experimental juggling and electronic music. Coupled with absurd humor and video art, the company's debut creates "holistic juggling" for all senses.

Sinking Sideways, Germany / Belgium

They bob back and forth, roll to and fro, count tirelessly on and on, always mindful of their inner beat: "René" by dance acrobats Xenia Bannuscher and Dries Vanwalle is all about repetition. In their modern take on circus, they acrobatically explore the potential of the roll, its recurring principle of movement, and are always on the lookout for development, variation and surprise. For movement only seems constant; it contains moments of stillness and liberation. With the help of a complex system of bar lines, this precisely woven tapestry of movement displays the playful, contactless union of two performers. "René" combines minimalism with virtuosity. It develops an intense, meditative quality that is otherwise known from minimal music. "René" is Sinking Sideways’ debut production.

Both productions are selected and supported by Zirkus ON, the creative alliance for circus arts in and from Germany. Ruhrfestspiele are a partner and jury member of Zirkus ON.

Lost Instars

Performance: Matthias Buhrow
Creation, concept, dramaturgy, sound design: Alex Lempert, Matthias Buhrow
Director: Jörg Schiebe
Co-production with: T-Werk Potsdam

Supported by: Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


By and with: Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle
Outside-eye: Thomas Falk, Axel Guérin, Dagmar Dachauer
Music: Jonas Bolliger
Lighting: Rinus Samyn
Costume design: Hanne Pierrot
Co-production Perplx, Circustruction, CirkLabo, Theater Op De Markt Dommelhof


Lost Instars: approx. 30 minutes
René: approx. 45 minutes

Age: 12+

Language note: without language

Photo: Jörg Schiebe (left), Jostijn Ligtvoet (right)

Duration: 1h 15m