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Die Akte Alan Turing IMG 5177 Foto Büro für Eskapismus Die Akte Alan Turing IMG 5177 Foto Büro für Eskapismus
Die Akte Alan Turing IMG 5177 Foto Büro für Eskapismus


A interactive live game via Zoom

Co-production with Büro für Eskapismus

Alan Turing was the inventor of the computer, the mastermind of artificial intelligence and made a decisive contribution to the victory of the Allies in the Second World War by decoding Nazi radio messages. He was also homosexual - which made him a criminal in the eyes of the justice system of the time. In 1954, the then 41-year-old was found dead in his bed. It was assumed that he had committed suicide. But to this day, the exact circumstances of his death remain a mystery. Was it a tragic accident or murder? The Bür für Eskapismus has taken the mystery surrounding the early death of this genius as an opportunity to dedicate a fictional reality game to him. Here theatre and Escape Room combine to create a unique experience.

For the Ruhrfestspiele, the production "Die Akte Alan Turing" was made into a digital experience as an interactive live game. In groups of up to 15 people, the visitors themselves become active in order to get to the bottom of the inventor's death.

The groups are supported by the staff of the Turings Eternal Mind Foundation, which is dedicated to the intellectual legacy of the genius, and an artificial intelligence. Under their watchful eye, visitors explore Alan Turing's reconstructed bedroom as a 360° simulation. But is pure logic enough to unravel the mystery of Alan Turing's death?

The event will be held in German. Technical information can be found on the German page.

Duration: 2h 0m