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Care Affair Vasen Still Foto Paula Reissig Care Affair Vasen Still Foto Paula Reissig
Care Affair Vasen Still Foto Paula Reissig

Care Affair



“Care Affair” invites you to a celebration of caregivers. The performance collective WOMEN and FICTION presents unusual tales of care work that are based on conversations with people who care for others professionally and/or privately. Why is care traditionally associated with bodies with childbearing capacities? Should looking after your children or relatives be considered labor or leisure? And how is care work recognized beyond mere gestures of respect? This clever, visually stunning production combines colorful costumes and stirring sounds to investigate traditional gender roles and things society takes for granted. “Care Affair” is a timely and political production that is more relevant than ever in times of an ongoing global health crisis. Not least since the Covid-19 pandemic has care work been recognized as an integral backbone of society – one that is in dire need of more appreciation, fairer wages, and better working conditions.
WOMEN and FICTION is an interdisciplinary collective that was founded by four artists in 2014. Their performances are based on intensive research and offer intelligent thought experiments on gender roles. They constantly collaborate with diverse groups of people and strive for alternative ways of narrating socially relevant topics.

Mit: Gregor Schuster, Jonas Mahari, Marilyn Nova White, Geraldine Schabraque
Konzept, Recherche, Künstlerische Leitung: FRAUEN und FIKTION (Anja Kerschkewicz, Eva Kessler, Felina Levits, Paula Reissig)
Textfassung: Anja Kerschkewicz, Eva Kessler, Anngret Schulze
Inszenierung: Anja Kerschkewicz, Felina Levits
Recherche, Regieassistenz: Anngret Schulze
Mitarbeit Proben und Inszenierung: Eva Kessler
Kostüme, Maske und Raum: Felina Levits, Hanna Scherwinski
Video: Paula Reissig
Musik: Jonas Mahari
Produktionsleitung: Maike Tödter
Lichtdesign: Sönke Christian Herm
Technik Gastspiel: Manuel Melzer
Distribution: PK3000

Gefördert durch die Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.
Uraufführung 17.10.2020 im LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg.