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Bluesanovas 01 Foto Nico Dreier
Bluesanovas 01 Foto Nico Dreier

The Bluesanovas - 21st Century Blues

Over the past years, The Bluesanovas has become a real insider tip for anyone who enjoy a great live show. Founded in 2015, this blues’n’boogie band performed to great acclaim at Hildesheimer Bluesfestvial and at Blue Wave Festival Rügen. They have since become a force to be reckoned within their genre, winning the prestigious German Blues Challenge in 2019. At Ruhrfstspiele, they will present old favourites and new material from their second studio album “Emergency Call for the Blues.”

Bluesanovas 02 Foto Nico Dreier
Foto: Nico Dreier
Duration: 01 hours 30 minutes
no interval