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Ein Sezen Aksu-Liederabend

A Sezen Aksu Song Recital

By Selen Kara, Torsten Kindermann and Akin E. Şipal

What if the post-war era’s economic boom had not happened in Germany, but in Turkey? Klaus Gruber, a labourer from Recklinghausen, makes the journey to Istanbul where he hopes to find work and a better future for his family.

Istanbul 6010
Fotos: Diana Küster
Istanbul 4482

But upon his arrival in the “garden of dreams” he realizes that the reality of living abroad is far more complicated than it appeared at home – especially as he does not speak Turkish.

Istanbul is a musical theatre experience that is brought to life by the songs of Sezen Aksu, Turkey’s Queen of Pop. Mixing spoken German with Turkish songs, this musical delight carries its audience off on a stirring journey. Istanbul portrays an entire generation’s captivating search for home, love and belonging.

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Following each performance we cordially invite you to get together with us and enjoy some food. In accordance with Ramadan, the Turkish restaurant „Boğaziçi“ offers a Iftar buffet at the venue to celebrate the fast-breaking each night. (15 € for the buffet, or 4 € for bread and soup)

To facilitate the organisation we kindly ask you to book in advance. When booking the ticket for a performance of Istanbul, you will be offered the food options as additional tickets.

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In deutscher Sprache mit Liedern in türkischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln


Michael Kamp, Raphaela Möst, Roland Riebeling, Tanja Schleiff


Selen Kara


Selen Kara, Torsten Kindermann, Akin E. Şipal


Monika Gies-Hasmann


Thomas Rupert


Emir Medic

Musical Conduction:

Torsten Kindermann


Gregor Hengesbach, Peter Imig / Jan-Sebastian Weichsel, Koray Berat Sari


02 hours 00 minutes


From €40