28./29./30./30./31. May 2019


Casus Circus, Australien

A Cooperation with „Woche des Sports”, Recklinghausen City Council

An empty stage, a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling and a driving soundtrack. The five Australian artists of Casus Circus do not need anything else to put the audience under their spell. Their debut show “Knee Deep” was sold out at Ruhrfestspiele 2014; now the company is back in Recklinghausen.

Driftwood Locky C Katie Bennett
Foto: Katie Bennett
Driftwood Lyra 2 C Kate Pardey
Foto: Kate Pardey

Using traditional and contemporary circus techniques, “Driftwood” is a spectacular display of choreography, acrobatics, trapeze and aerial stunts. Marvel at the breath-taking skill, strength and bravery of performers who test the limits of the human body. ”Driftwood” is a journey of unique acrobatic shapes, explosive encounters, hidden looks, and humorous discoveries.

„Stunning… amazingly awesome.“ The Stage

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Ohne Sprache


Natano Faanana, Jesse Scott, Lachlan Mcaulay, Shannon Vitalo, Sarah McDougall


01 hours 00 minutes


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