Corona FAQs

Since your health is important to us and we want to ensure that your visit to the event is safe and pleasant, we have summarized here all the important questions concerning your visit. We have drawn up the detailed COVID-19 hygiene concept required by the authorities, which takes into account all currently applicable measures and is adapted immediately in the event of changes.

The seats in our venues are reduced so that an appropriate distance to other audience members is guaranteed. The distance to the stage and thus between performers and audience is at least 4 meters. The distance between the rows of chairs is 1.5 meters. The lateral distance between individuals, couples or groups is also 1.5 meters. (Hall plan according to the "jacket principle"). Please take your booked seats directly and do not move around. Occupation of adjacent seats is possible only by persons of the same household or accompanied by a person of another household. The seats are personalized.
In addition, there are no simultaneous events in the venues, so that individual streams of visitors do not collide.

The ventilation quality in the Ruhrfestspielhaus and Theater Marl has been tested and certified. The certificate was awarded by the DTHG, Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft, and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the research project on the pandemic-related assessment of ventilation systems in theaters. As a result, the Ruhrfestspielhaus, as well as the Theater Marl, are able to meet the requirements of a pandemic in terms of ventilation technology and have an RLT system in all public rooms. These are state of the art and provide fresh air throughout. In addition, we always carry out CO² measurements during operation. The Stadion Hohenhorst is an exception as an open-air venue.

Our venues are subjected to basic cleaning every day, with additional interval cleaning taking place every day. In the process, surfaces that are touched particularly frequently are cleaned.

Please keep in mind that Stadion Hohenhorst is an outdoor-only venue. Even though the seating tiers are covered, dress weatherproof and feel free to bring a blanket or a seat cushion! Despite being open air, masks are also required at your seat at Stadion Hohenhorst. Please wear your (medical or FFP2) mouth-nose protection during the entire performance.* At Stadion Hohenhorst, the necessary screening formalities for admission begin 1.5 hours before the start of the event, and the stadium opens 1 hour before the start of the event. In order to keep the flow of people to a minimum, we ask you to find your seats quickly and, if possible, not to leave them until the end of the event. At the Hohenhorst stadium you have the possibility to visit the outdoor catering before the start of the event. Bringing or consuming food and drinks inside the stadium during the event is prohibited. We reserve the right to have our security personnel carry out bag checks. Furthermore, smoking is prohibited in the entire stadium.

*Exceptions: Children of preschool age are exempt from the mask requirement; furthermore, children up to the age of school entry are exempt from the mask requirement. If children under 14 years of age do not fit a medical mask properly, an everyday mask will suffice even in places where a medical mask is mandatory.

Ticket purchase

In order to enable or facilitate the tracking of chains of infection by public health authorities, if necessary, personal contact information may be provided to public health authorities at their request in the event of infection with COVID-19.

Contact form
Contact form

All tickets for the Ruhrfestspiele will be personalized this year. In order to ensure that chains of infection can be traced in the event of suspicion, it is therefore necessary to record your contact details (first and last name and full address, e-mail address or telephone number) when purchasing tickets. If you are purchasing tickets for additional persons, you are also required to provide their personal data at the time of purchase. On the evening of the event, all visitors are required to carry their ID with them and present it upon request at the entrance and when purchasing tickets at the box office.

Yes, group bookings for kindergartens and school classes are still possible. Tracking is then done via the respective institution. For further information, please contact the Junge Ruhrfestspiele directly.

Due to official requirements in the context of ensuring contact tracing, all tickets for Ruhrfestspiele performances are personalized this year. Transferring the ticket to another person is therefore only possible in exceptional cases. In this case, please be sure to contact the ticket office at or by phone at +49 2361 9218-0 in good time. The change in personalization can only be made for tickets purchased through the ticket office or the Ruhrfestspiele webshop.

Any remaining tickets will be on sale when the box office opens.

Yes - when purchasing tickets at the box office or evening box office, it is necessary to provide your contact details (name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) to enable the health authorities to trace chains of infection if necessary. You are also welcome to fill out the contact form in advance and bring it with you to the performance.

Around your visit

The following applies to all live events: In order to avoid large crowds during the festival, we have a precise safety and hygiene concept within the framework of the current Corona Protection Ordinance. Your health and that of our employees and artists is very important to us. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Admission control is contactless. Our admission personnel are subject to a strict, regular testing strategy in accordance with our hygiene concept and also wear FFP2 masks and gloves. Please remember to allow sufficient time for the admission checks, as there may be delays due to the verification of personal details and proof according to "GGG" guidelines. Also, remember to carry an official identification document.

Since the tickets are personalized, please be sure to carry an official identification document to verify the data. In addition, you will need a proof of identity in accordance with the so-called GGG guidelines for admission to the respective performance. Unfortunately, we cannot grant you admission to the venue without such proof. Please also remember that masks are compulsory both for the admission checks and for the entire duration of the performance. So be sure to wear your mouth/nose protection (medical or FFP2).

"GGG" stands for "Getested, Geimpft, Genesen" and means "Tested, Vaccinated, Convalesced". This innovation in admission eligibility is anchored in the new German CoronoSchVO of May 15, 2021. Accordingly, admission to Ruhrfestspiele events is only possible with proof according to the following criteria:

Tested persons need a negative rapid test result. The test must have been taken no longer than 48 hours ago. The result must be confirmed in writing or digitally by an official testing center. Self-tests are not permitted.

persons must present their vaccination card or a similar document showing that the complete vaccination was given at least 14 days ago. Complete means: the second dose must also have been administered if two doses are scheduled for a vaccine (e.g., Biontech, Moderna, and Astrazeneca).

need a physician's certificate of overcome Corona infection. However, after six months, their convalescent status expires, meaning they will need another negative rapid test result or vaccination from that point on.

Convalescent vaccinated
persons need a doctor's certificate stating that they have overcome Corona infection, as well as their vaccination card or similar document showing that they were vaccinated once more than two weeks ago. They will be considered fully vaccinated from then on, which means that they will not lose their status as recovered persons once the infection has occurred more than six months ago.

We ask you to bring original documents if possible.

We open the venues 90 minutes before the start of the performance. Admission to the auditorium is 15 minutes before the start of the performance. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions of our admission staff. Our colleagues are well acquainted with the conditions in the venues and will ensure a safe procedure when entering and leaving the auditorium within the framework of the current safety measures. Please remember to allow sufficient time for checking the necessary formalities (data verification of personalized tickets, proof according to "GGG" guidelines) before the start of the event.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of late entry this year, as it must be ensured that each spectator is seated in his/her seat for the traceability of possible chains of infection.

Until further notice, every spectator is obliged to wear a mouth/nose protection (FFP2 or medical mask) while in front of and inside the venues. Please understand that we cannot allow any exceptions!

Children of preschool age are exempt from the mask requirement; furthermore, children up to the age of school entry are exempt from the mask requirement. If children under the age of 14 do not fit a medical mask properly, an everyday mask will suffice even in places where a medical mask is mandatory.

Most of our performances do not have an intermission. Only a few events have a short changeover break, during which we ask you to stay in your seats.

Both in the Ruhrfestspielhaus, as well as in the Theater Marl and in the Stadion Hohenhorst, the outdoor catering of the externally operated gastronomy will be open. There you will have the possibility to get food and drinks before or after the performance. It is not permitted to take food and beverages into the respective performance. Indoor catering at all venues will remain closed.

Yes, the checkrooms are opened. The staff is regularly tested according to our hygiene concept and equipped with gloves and FFP2 masks.

Of course, we also comply with all Corona regulations in our workshops. This primarily concerns the number of participants, which must be significantly reduced this year. Furthermore, there are additional measures that are individually tailored to the individual workshop formats. The relevant hygiene concept will be sent to you by e-mail after you have registered for a workshop. Further information can be found at the Junge Ruhrfestspiele. All other offers are also based on a comprehensive hygiene concept tailored to the respective format. More information you'll find here.

Please follow the instructions issued by the authorities. As a rule, the attending physician will report the positive test result to the responsible health authority. Please remember to refer to your visit to the Ruhr Festival. The health office will then contact us.

If you have had contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 within the previous 14 days or if you feel ill, please stay at home. In these cases, you will unfortunately not be allowed to attend the event. Please contact the Ruhrfestspiele ticket office, we can usually refund your ticket(s) after receiving appropriate proof.