nach dem Roman von Alexander Schimmelbusch

Based on the Novel by Alexander Schimmelbusch

Direction: Kevin Barz
Münchner Kammerspiele

Guest performance of world premiere

Hochdeutschland tells the story of Victor, an investment banker and millionaire. Bored with his constant success, he writes a political manifesto that attacks the very foundations of the system that made him rich.

09 Hochdeutschland C Gabriela Neeb
Foto: Gabriela Neeb

He dreams up a welfare state that redistributes its wealth for more economic equality. Sensing the deep-seated anxieties of his fellow citizens, he forms his own populist movement that slowly leads him down the path of revolution. Alexander Schimmelbusch’s novel asks important questions in our age of late capitalism: Is our system broken? Is there still a place for solidarity in neoliberist capitalism? And is it time to start all over?

Alexander Schimmelbusch asks the central questions of our time: Is our system broken? Do we belong together? What price do you pay for living according to your own rules? Can we continue like this? Or is it time for a radical new beginning?

"The book of the hour." Florian Illies, DIE ZEIT


07. Juni, 19:15 Uhr, 08. Juni, 17:15 Uhr, 09. Juni, 18:15 Uhr

Public discussion:

08. Juni, im Anschluss an die Vorstellung


Zeynep Bozbay, Abdoul Kader Traoré, Jannik Mioducki, Julia Windischbauer

Am Flügel:

Sachiko Hara


Kevin Barz


Manuel La Casta


Veronica Silva Klug


Martin Sraier-Krügermann


Johannes Wagner


Christian Schweig


Valerie Göhring


01 hours 30 minutes


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7. June

Ruhrfestspielhaus - Kleines Theater

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8. June

Ruhrfestspielhaus - Kleines Theater

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9. June

Ruhrfestspielhaus - Kleines Theater

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