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Und sicher ist mit mir die Welt verschwunden

by Sibylle Berg

Directed by Sebastian Nübling

Maxim Gorki Theater

'I feel angry about the world or the system or myself for betraying everything I didn't believe in, or did we really once believe in saving the world? They were just lying around decoratively, the books, the feminist ones, the Marxist ones, the queer ones, they were lying around with their headlines that we didn't get beyond while we preferred to stream TV shows.'
The characters in Sibylle Berg's play relentlessly take stock of their lives – and those of an entire generation struggling with neoliberalism. The 'optimistic pessimist,' as the author calls herself, once again demonstrates her brilliance:

She succeeds in writing a stirring, angry play full of intelligence and humor, rage and respect.
'Has anyone prepared us for this slight? That we will suddenly become unimportant? Invisible, even if we play by the rules?'
Directed by Sebastian Nübling, a brilliant ensemble shines in this dramatic tour de force. Assuredly, the actors navigate a textual tsunami that sweeps away the big and small issues of the present.

With: Anastasia Gubareva, Svenja Liesau, Vidina Popov, Katja Riemann
Direction: Sebastian Nübling
Stage Design: Magda Willi
Costume Design: Ursula Leuenberger
Music: Lars Wittershagen & Ensemble
Lighting Design: Gregor Roth
Dramaturgy: Valerie Göhring

Age: 14+

Language: German with English surtitles

Duration: 1h 40m
no intermission