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Pah Lak Proben 03 c Tibet Theatre Pah Lak Proben 03 c Tibet Theatre
Pah Lak Proben 03 c Tibet Theatre


by Abhishek Majumdar

Directed by Lhakpa Tsering and Harry Fuhrmann
Co-production with Tibet Theatre and Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts Dharamsala

European premiere

"Pah-Lak", pronounced "Pah-La", is a play about non-violent resistance against brutal oppression. It is based on the central question: is non-violence still relevant in today's world where most revolutions have taken a violent turn?

Since the annexation of Tibet by China in 1950, Tibetans have been fighting for the survival of their culture and identity, which have been systematically oppressed by the Chinese Communist Party. The 14th Dalai Lama has been advocating the "Middle Way" since 1974, calling for the non-violent resolution of the Tibet conflict through recognition as a genuine autonomous region within China. To this day, he has been without success.
"Pah-Lak" gives insight into the Tibetan longing for independence. It addresses the role of Buddhism in the lives of Tibetans, as well as the dichotomy of the resistance movement, which is marked by decades of oppression, discrimination, and marginalization. The play is based on research by renowned Indian playwright Abhishek Majumdar. An English version premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2019. Lhakpa Tsering, the Tibetan director and head of Tibet Theatre, the German actor-director Harry Fuhrmann, and the author have now realized a new production of "Pah-Lak" with Tibetan actors. For the first time in Europe, the Ruhrfestspiele will present this Tibetan version. In light of recent worldwide protest movements against authoritarian regimes, the relevance of "Pah-Lak" extends far beyond the Tibet question.

With: Kalsang Dolma, Tenzin Yonten, Tenzin Wangchuk, Youngkyar Dolma, Lhakpa Tsering, Tsering Bawa, Tenzin Pema, Tenzin Lhundup
Direction: Lhakpa Tsering und Harry Fuhrmann
Text: Abhishek Majumdar
Stage Design: Timo Dentler und Okarina Peter
Music: TIPA, Tenzin Passang and Nyima Dhondup

Age: 14+

Language: Tibetan with German surtitles

Note: The production contains depictions of violence.

Eine Coproduktion of Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen with the Tibet Theatre and the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts Dharamsala / Indien in cooperation with the Tibet Initiative Deutschland and the Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische Freundschaft GSTF.

Duration: 2h 20m