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Nutcrusher Nutcrusher


Sung Im Her

German premiere

Three bodies are on stage. Female bodies. They pose for the audience. At first they can only be recognized by their contours, a little later we see long, dark hair swinging to the beat, tight metallic leggings, bare skin under latex aprons. We don't see any faces, the bodies are turned away from the spectators: anonymous, interchangeable, a projection surface for the audience.

"Nutcrusher" is South Korean choreographer Sung Im Her's choreographic examination of the #MeToo movement and its aftermath. The choreography captures how women are marketed and manipulated; how female bodies are objectified in advertising, social networks, but also in art. "Nutcrusher" shows the images that are imposed on the female body. Images that also arise from the choreographer's own biography: Sung Im Her has spent most of her career in Europe - as an artist who is female and Asian. "Nutcrusher" is a rebellion. One senses that the performers resist certain stereotypes. Loud and frantic at first, the evening develops an almost hypnotic effect through repetition and the performers' rhythmic counting. The beat from which they repeatedly break out, and which wears them out, is energetic and intoxicating. Get ready for an evening between euphoria and exhaustion.
Sung Im Her is a graduate of the P. A. R. T. S. in Brussels and works as a dancer and choreographer for Jan Fabre and Needcompany, among others. In "Nutcrusher," Sung Im Her is joined on stage by Hyae Jin Lee and Martha Pasakopoulou.

Choreographer: Sung Im Her
Dancers: Martha Pasakopoulou, Hyae Jin Lee, Sung Im Her
Producer: Alison Thomas
Light designer: Patricia Roldan polo
Associate lighting designer: Julien Bernard
Music: Jamie Hamilton
Dramaturge: Philip Stanier
Supported by Korean Arts Council, ARKO Selection

Age indication: 14+

Language notice: without language

Photo: Sang Hoon

Duration: 1h 0m
no intermission