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Macbeth Koerber Schuetz Woelbernc Iko Freese0367 web Macbeth Koerber Schuetz Woelbernc Iko Freese0367 web
Macbeth Koerber Schuetz Woelbernc Iko Freese0367 web


by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Elisabeth Bronfen
Directed by Roger Vontobel

Co-production with Bühnen Bern


The witches' creed in Shakespeare's "Scottish Play" sets in motion a story of power, greed, and betrayal: 'Fair is foul and foul is fair!' The statement challenges boundaries, the impossible becomes possible. Macbeth, just returned victorious from battle, receives a prophecy on the heath that promises he will be king.

Together with his wife, he sets a fateful series of events in motion. Friends and enemies alike are killed off as the kingdom groans under Macbeth's bloody rule - until the last part of the prophecy is fulfilled. The forest of Birnam moves on the castle and, under the guidance of the moon goddess Hekate, a new king re-establishes the old order.
In one of his late tragedies, Shakespeare is drawn to the infinitely dark: the anarchic playfulness of the witches leads to a bloody abyss. Despite the emergence of new possibilities, the established political system prevails in the end.
Director Roger Vontobel, well known to audiences in the Ruhr area because of his acclaimed productions at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, stages a Macbeth with Werner Wölbern in the leading role. In Elisabeth Bronfen’s adaptation, the witches become formative forces of the play as well as figures of upheaval and revolution.

With: Werner Wölbern, Susanne-Marie Wrage, Claudius Körber, Stéphane Maeder, Lucia Kotikova, Linus Schütz, Kilian Land, Yohanna Schwertfeger, Yori Vontobel
Direction: Roger Vontobel
Stage Design: Fabian Wendling
Costume Design: Ellen Hofmann
Music: Keith O‘Brian
Version: Elisabeth Bronfen
Dramaturgy: Felicitas Zürcher

Age: 14+

Photo oft he model of the stage set: Fabian Wendling

Duration: 2h 0m