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In C In C
In C

In C

Rehearsal of the choreography by Sasha Waltz with students of the Institute for Contemporary Dance

Cooperation with Folkwang Universität der Künste
Choreographed by Sasha Waltz
Music by Terry Riley

Terry Riley's composition "In C" from 1964 is generally considered to be the first work of minimal music. Based on this milestone of music history, Sasha Waltz and her ensemble developed choreographic material in 2021 that follows the rules of musical composition. "In C" is deliberately not designed as a finished stage piece but leaves room for variations.

Since its premiere, the production has not only been toured by Sasha Waltz's own company, but has also been taught to dancers and amateurs all over the world. Among other things, this resulted in a large communal project in Marl in September 2022, in which around 100 amateurs danced within urban spaces.
The Ruhrfestspiele will present a new version of the dance experiment, in this case with dancers in training. "In C" will be danced by second year students of the Institute for Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang Universität der Künste. Riley's composition consists of 53 musical figures and reads like a stage direction for musicians. Sasha Waltz was particularly attracted by the democratic principle behind the score, which she translated into 53 movement elements. The result is a structured improvisation that gives the dancers certain freedoms: 'It's a piece about being part of a group as an individual, not an individual in the group.'
Presented in Recklinghausen by the next generation of dancers, "In C" is a mesmerizing excursion into the world of minimal music and dance.

Rehearsal/ Certified Tutor of Sasha Waltz Company & Guests: Margaux Marielle-Tréhouart, Aladino Rivera Blanca
Assistant: Frederico Mendes Teixeira
Realization of costume design: Anne Bentgens
Project management: Prof. Stephan Brinkmann

With: Merel Bastiaans, Gülsün Buse Cingöz, Gloria Carobini, Benjamin Dinnebier, Arianna Fabiani, Chiara Ferrandu, Shauna Fischer, Minseo Kwon, Pier Paolo Lara, Ludovica Mattiacci, Nicol Memoli, Marta Pisano, Sofia Scarpellini, Isis Stamatakos, Ezra von Gijsel, Sanne Vree
Second year students of the Institute for Contemporary Dance at Folkwang University der Künste

Age rating: 10+

Language notice: without language

Photo: Annalisa Palmieri

Duration: 1h 0m
no intermission