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Sandra Hanschitz und Joël Beierer

In their recent production "IIIII" (pronounced "Five"), the dancer/choreographer Sandra Hanschitz and the musician Joël Beierer navigate the borderlands of contemporary dance, new circus, and sound art. At the center of their piece is the Cyr Wheel, with which they interact acrobats, dancers, and musicians. The roots of this discipline lie in the circus of the 19th century, but were dusted off in the early 2000s by Canadian acrobat Daniel Cyr, after whom the wheel is now named. Since then, it has been an element in many contemporary circus works. In "IIIII," the audience experiences how versatile this simple hoop can be: it oscillates between calm balance and loss of control, between intense dynamics and floating lightness. The soundscape is created by Joël Beierer with the Cyr Wheel itself. As the title suggests, it can be broken down into five individual parts. In "IIIII" dance, acrobatics, music, and sound merge into an aesthetic symphony of gravity.

With: Sandra Hanschitz, Joël Beierer
Artistic director: Sandra Hanschitz
Music: Joël Beierer
Choreography & Dramaturgy: Günter Klingler
Light design & technics: Steffen Melch
Costumes: Sandra Hanschitz

Age rating: 10+

Language notice: without language

Diese Produktion wird gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien #Take Aktion und vom Kulturamt der Stadt Freiburg. Unterstützt von der LBBW Stiftung.

Photo: Jennifer Rohrbacher

Duration: 00 hours 50 minutes
no intermission

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