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HOMAN quer HOMAN quer
HOMAN quer


Collectif Malunés

Vincent Bruyninckx and Vejde Grind

H O M A N - the fantasy word seems as incomprehensible as it is familiar, yet there are so many associations in these five letters: human, home, homo ... These references arise, but never clearly, because anything except the expected can happen in this piece. The two performers occupy the stage with incomparable energy that arises from their physical opposites: the Swedish giant Vejde Grind and the Belgian featherweight Vincent Bruyninckx take us on a mad journey. In the tension between past and future, they combine nostalgia and science fiction to create the present, that moment that is always over as soon as you perceive it. Their show is just as fast-paced.

The audience is overwhelmed by associations that the title suggests, familiar and disturbing at the same time. The two performers are at once a rolling egg, a bouncing ball, a stomping toddler, and Leonardo da Vinci's Homo Universalis. Logic is twisted as consistently as the performers' bodies, purpose rolls away with the Cyr Wheel. In the process, they create crazy sounds, bombastic images, and absurd wit. Vejde and Bruyninckx, both circus artists and dancers, met while studying at the Circus School in Brussels (ESAC). "H O M A N" was nominated in 2020/21 for CircusNext, the European circus label.

Produced by PERPLX, Theater op De Markt - Dommelhof, Miramro, 30CC / CIRKL.

With: Vejde Grind und Vincent Bruyninckx
Concept and artistic direction: Vejde Grind Vincent Bruyninckx
Outside Eye: Tom Brand & Esse Vanderbruggen
Light design: Seppe Brouckaert
Costume design: Bettina Feuerstein
Music and sound design: Vejde Grind
Technical manager: Benjamin Eugène
Booking: Emma Ketels
Support: Kulturrådet / Swedish Arts Council, Circusnext
Co-production: PERPLX, Theater Op De Markt – Dommelhof, Miramiro, 30CC/CIRKL PARTNERS: Subtopia, Circuscentrum, Le Centre des Arts scéniques, 30CC, Jatka78, DYNAMO, Gula Villan, De Warande, UP - Circus & Performing Arts, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Circolito

Age rating: 12+

Language note: no language skills required

Photo: Tom Van Mele

Duration: 1h 0m
no intermission