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To protect visitors and staff we ask you to continue to wear face coverings during your visit at Ruhrfestspiele 2022.

Gute Besserung Foto Andi Weiland 66 Gute Besserung Foto Andi Weiland 66
Gute Besserung Foto Andi Weiland 66

Gute Besserung - Die Show für einen konstruktiven Journalismus

The organizers of Reporter Slams, which have been successful throughout Germany, have created a new kind of show. In times of depressing crisis reporting, they demonstrate that a different kind of journalism is possible: one that is solution-oriented. Their show "Gute Besserung" at Theater Marl inspires both media content creators and the audience.
News consumption has been highly charged for years, and the war in Ukraine has massively intensified this development. In her acclaimed bestseller "Wie wir die Welt sehen," author Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel explains how negative news affects our thinking. She will present her ideas for solution-oriented journalism on stage, while reporters from the region will show how they already implement this constructive approach. Also part of the program: live music and interactions with the audience. The evening will be moderated by Reporter Slam founder Jochen Markett. Look forward to "Gute Besserung" – you will have a new outlook afterwards.

This event takes place in cooperation with the research center Correctiv.

Age: 14+

Photo: Andi Weiland

Duration: 2h 30m
incl. intermission