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Die Bergwerke zu Falun Die Bergwerke zu Falun
Die Bergwerke zu Falun

Die Bergwerke zu Falun

with Matthias Brandt and Jens Thomas

A musical collage based on the elixirs of E.T.A. Hoffmann

It is the tale of a love affair that ends in tragedy: "The Mines of Falun" tells the story of Elis Fröbom, a seafarer, and his bride Ulla. Deeply rooted in Romanticism, the literary outsider E.T.A. Hoffmann opens up fantastic worlds with his tale. His dark interpretation of the legend sends its protagonists on a perilous journey, only to be reborn through eternal love. The young sailor Elis Fröbom is tired of shipping and is seduced by a mysterious old man to work in the mines. In the mountain he experiences fascinating and uncanny things. Above ground, he meets Ulla and falls in love. The two decide to marry. But Elis is prophesied that the wedding will never take place. E.T.A. Hoffmann skillfully combines his fanciful visions with harsh truths of the real world to create a phantasmagoria in which reality and imagination can no longer be separated. After his celebrated solo "Mein Name sei Gantenbein" at last year's Ruhrfestspiele, actor Matthias Brandt returns. Once more, he is accompanied by the sound artist and pianist Jens Thomas, with whom he performed the successful show "Angst" in 2017. Experience two masters at work in a collage that interweaves spoken word and music in a unique way.

Photo: Mathias Bothor

Duration: 1h 20m
no intermission