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Der zerbrochne Krug 38177 krug 5961 pur Foto Arno Declair Der zerbrochne Krug 38177 krug 5961 pur Foto Arno Declair
Der zerbrochne Krug 38177 krug 5961 pur Foto Arno Declair

Der zerbrochne Krug

by Heinrich von Kleist

In a version by Anne Lenk and David Heiligers
Directed by Anne Lenk

Deutsches Theater Berlin

It is court day in the village of Huisum. In the morning, Judge Adam stumbles out of bed and trips over himself. At least that's what he claims. For as much as this Fall of Adam is true as a metaphor, it is actually the first of many lies that the judge will unabashedly tell. The real reason for his damaged foot and bruised face is the result of an assault he committed the previous night: pestering young Eve in her room, he is surprised by her fiancé Ruprecht and injures himself while escaping through the window. On top of that, a jug breaks.

With this, Eve's mother Marthe now goes to court and accuses Ruprecht of the nocturnal assault. Ruprecht contradicts her vehemently, while Eve is blackmailed by Adam and remains silent. All this happens in the presence of Schreiber Licht, who is smarter than he lets on, as well as under the eyes of the new court councilor Walter, who has arrived to examine and revise the justice system. Adam publically puts himself on trial to convict Ruprecht as the perpetrator and put the case to rest.
What makes Kleist's drama of 1811 a comedy is above all the audacity with which the play’s patriarchs exercise power, secure positions, and cement the status quo. The truth doesn't count one bit; instead, responsibility is brazenly shifted away from oneself.
The successful director Anne Lenk has brought Kleist's comedy to the stage with an enthusiastic ensemble. Above all, Ulrich Matthes shines in the role of the village judge Adam.

With: Ulrich Matthes, Jeremy Mockridge, Lorena Handschin, Franziska Ma-chens, Lisa Hrdina, Tamer Tahan, Julia Windischbauer
Direction: Anne Lenk
Stage Design: Judith Oswald
Costume Design: Sibylle Wallum
Music: Lenny Mockridge
Lighting Design: Cornelia Gloth
Dramaturgy: David Heiligers

Age: 12+

Photo: Arno Declair

Duration: 1h 30m
no intermission