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AND NOW HANAU 01 quer Foto Marcin Wierzchowski AND NOW HANAU 01 quer Foto Marcin Wierzchowski
AND NOW HANAU 01 quer Foto Marcin Wierzchowski


by Tuğsal Moğul

Directed by Tuğsal Moğul
Co-production with Theater Münster and Theater Oberhausen, in cooperation with Maxim Gorki Theater

World premiere

On February 19, 2020, a racist murders nine people in Hanau: Fatih Saraçoğlu, Ferhat Unvar, Gökhan Gültekin, Hamza Kurtović, Kaloyan Velkov, Mercedes Kierpacz, Said Nesar Hashemi, Sedat Gürbüz, and Vili Viorel Păun.
The playwright, director, actor, and doctor Tuğsal Moğul deals with the effects of racially motivated violence in Germany in his work. His latest project processes the Hanau shooting.

In his play "AND NOW HANAU," Moğul allows the victims to have their say. He also investigates the many mistakes made by the police, the public prosecutor's office, politicians, and the media before, during, and after the attack. The assassin was already known to the police as a right-wing extremist. Why was he not monitored? Why was the emergency hotline 110 not available on the night of the attack? Why was the emergency exit in the Arena Bar locked? How can it be that SEK officers at the scene of the crime were later exposed as right-wing extremists? In close cooperation with the "Initiative 19. Februar Hanau," Moğul demands consequences and a complete investigation so that we do justice to the victims and their relatives and remember them.
In the case of the NSU murders, there was a trial at the Oberlandesgericht Munich. The perpetrator of Hanau, by contrast, evaded a trial by committing suicide and there is no judicial reappraisal. Tuğsal Moğul does not deal with the murders in a conventional theater space but deliberately chooses a public place in the middle of the city: the meeting room in the city hall of Recklinghausen.

As part of the production "AND NOW HANAU," we are planning to provide an accompanying program on the topic of racism and right-wing extremism.

With: Alaaeldin Dyab, Agnes Lampkin, Regina Leenders, Tim Weckenbrock
Direction: Tuğsal Moğul
Stage and Costume Design und Kostüme: Marcin Wierzchowski
Dramaturgy: Victoria Weich, Saskia Zinsser-Krys

Photo: Marcin Wierzchowski

Duration: 1h 30m